Martin Luther Homes – Arcadia Ave Extension

The Arcadia Ave Extension proposal caters for the need for aged care in the area. It consist of 88 new beds, 15 breakout lounges and landscaping of the whole extension site which includes dementia gardens. The lounges are highlighted by their conical forms and domed skylights on top.

The site is located on the existing land owned by Martin Luther Homes Boronia (MLHB) and it fronts Arcadia Ave to the north while connecting to the existing building B2 to the south east.

The proposed building design emulates a series of small residence rather than one big building. The design is further accentuated by the use of colourful bricks cladding for individual units, which gives off the feeling of a “village” comprising of small houses with pitched roofs.

The use of brick cladding on external walls and pitched roofs is present in the immediate vicinity, so the use of these materials and elements adds to the urban character of the area.

The architecture and landscape design encourage social interaction at various nodes, namely the lounges, dining modules (which are highlighted architecturally by their forms) and the courtyards.

Through the use of colours and lines, the design creates a community while giving each bedroom a sense of identity externally and internally.