Retirement Homes – Model 1

On a beachside setting, JHA has the opportunity to prepare a proposal for a 240 room retirement village. The proposed modular pod design responds to the site and utilises the shape of the site. The building is divided into a series of smaller, purpose defined pods. This arrangement assists the occupant’s sense of scale of the building and makes the experience more reminiscent of a homely neighbourhood than an institution. The spaces for transition between the buildings allow gardens to be within reach of all the residents, staff and guests.

The proposed courtyards between the buildings are filled with gardens for the residents and their families. Each garden courtyard can be designed to be suitable for the residents of the area. A mixture of green foliage and colourful, flowering plant-life provides the residents with a peaceful yet visually stimulating experience.

Dining and activity rooms act as the central dining and recreational spaces for the residents. These spaces can also be used for special occasions that can be shared with the resident’s families and their guests.