Box Hill South Aged Care Facility

JHA has the opportunity to prepare a design proposal for a private aged care facility with 62 beds. The site is located at the heart of Box Hill South and it has a 5m fall from front to back.

One of the challenges is the relatively small site area for an aged care facility and the proposed design is a multi-level building that utilises the combination of form and functionality of 2 singular pods.

Each level of the building slightly offsets its corresponding lower level to create a dynamic and engaging street appearance while providing balcony areas at the back of each levels.

All residents’ bedrooms will be located on the edges of the 3 higher levels of the building, accompanied with the best surrounding views and plenty of natural light.

The ground level is where the street entrance, lobby, administration, functions, activities, kitchen, dining areas will be located. The basement level will consist of the car park, loading dock, laundry, storage, services and maintenance areas.

Visitors can enter the building from the street entrance on ground level or from the car park at basement level. Lift and stairs are located at the centre of the building providing convenient access to all levels.