Citylink Power Street Loop Competition – March 2015 – SHORTLISTED

This proposal is a commentary on Melbourne’s cultural heritage and urban amenity.

Road to Peril references freeways affecting inner urban environments and leads the observer to the much maligned public sculpture Vault (aka The Yellow Peril) presently located outside the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art both in style and geography.

Vault is a key work in Melbourne’s public art collection, and of considerable historical importance to the City.

The playful referential elevated freeway folly sits lightly on the site, but is in a semi collapsed and distorted state simulating the form of Vault but includes trapped cars – a political statement for inner urban residents..

The installation leads to observer to the third (and hopefully permanent home) of The Yellow Peril – a cultural statement.

Road to Peril is a playful statement about the challenges of a modern sophisticated City and Melbourne’s citizenry roles and commentary in shaping its future. It will create its own public interest.