Lilydale Aged Care Facility

The Lilydale Aged Care facility is located just outside the Melbourne Urban Growth Zone boundary. It spans over two sites, one zoned as Green Wedge and the other as Commercial. The Shire of Yarra Ranges saw the need for more aged care facilities in the area hence the use of this site for that purpose is ideal.

The proposed design is to combine singular pods into a cluster format, so the connection points between the pods can be used for courtyards. The continuous circulation around the building makes it easy to navigate and allows each pod to interact and connect with another.

The double height areas above the function room with a walkway above creates an informal interaction between residents. While some are using the function room, others that circulate around the top can interact from above.

In summary this development endeavours to link all pods together, creating a small community within the one building. There is an attempt in the design to respond to the sensitive landscape in a respectful way.