The Rink NGV 2019

The skate rink references the iconic skateboarding destination Lincoln Square after it was resurfaced by council to avoid skateboarders using the space due to continuous complaints. Therefore, the rink attempts to congregate both skaters and general users within the garden to enjoy the space harmoniously.

Considering the temporary nature of the brief, the rink is supported by a timber waffle structure as a substitute for concrete with sloped compact edges of turf, while the adjacent mounds are also comprised of compacted soil and turf. The mounds sit disjointed from the rink to allow for continuous movement in and around the spaces and across the garden while still offering a space of permanence and relaxation.

The Lincoln square inspired project, attempts to mitigate and challenge the relationship between skaters and the general users of the garden by planting a skate rink in the somewhat central part of the garden as a visual destination to those stepping onto the pavement. Its subtle and fluid curves, accompanied by the green mounds and edges, allow the space to become more than a transitional walkway but a space of relaxation and permanence to sit and observe the surrounding context of the gardens.

The rink’s form takes cues from an everyday skate rink. However, the contours have been manipulated to create a pinnacle point within the centre with three shallow surfaces connected by an elevated ridge. This allows skaters moments of stationary pause while also changing the direction of movement.