London Affordable Housing

In 2018 John Henry Architects entered a competition for affordable housing in London.

The proposed design is a hive model that represents a modular housing type in which the cells are stacked vertically along elevator cores and attached horizontally by a corridor system.

Each cells allows for two floors of building footprint situated at half floor heights to the adjacent cell, allowing for cross ventilation through and around the building while playing with the height of the roof terraces.

In addition, the lightweight materiality of the timber and polycarbonate sheets help reduce the economical and ecological impact of construction while still providing sunlight and cooling.

Although the London architecture consists of brick, stone and steel, timber was seen as an opportunity to implement within the site to showcase its ability to work with other materials while offering a visual aesthetic on the edge of surrounding buildings through the extruded cells.

Therefore, the aim of the building is to provide residents with a simple yet inexpensive unit through the low-cost materials while also providing a private outdoor space on the terraces with plenty of parking at ground level.