100+Columns NGV 2018

100+ columns is a space that offers NGV visitor a different experience within the garden. Comprised of 100+ columns, the space creates a visual connection and a transition space from indoor exhibition space to the garden and its elements, providing a unique experience for NGV users.

Considering cost efficient and simple assembly materials, the design is a representation of an industrial forest, where trees would reach high in the sky; an abstraction that would bring back a forest which was once transformed into a city.

The 100+ columns respond to each other within their own context in the way they are rotated and lengthened reflecting the growth of trees; with their textures from red to show the path, to translucence to reveal other elements of the park. We have taken into consideration the characteristics of NGV, a place where people meet to appreciate art, We bring that back into our design using colours, lines, shapes and textures. It is a design that creates a connection to all the sculptures on the site and visually encourages users to experience the space under and around it.

We have provided sitting spaces at the end of the park which will be flexible in terms of usage for its users and can reorganised at will. Excitingly adults can explore the pathways which will direct them to the park elements such as sculptures and sitting areas while children can play hide and seek in the space.A welcome challenge for all ages to negotiate the columns and experience the forest to get to the tea pavilion. A place of discovery, family and fun.