Balaka Place

Balaka Place is an alteration and addition to an existing 2-storey commercial brick building located on 1-7 Balaka Place, Bundoora 3083 VIC.

This corner property will be converted into a Mixed-use Development ; featuring five dwelling units, two shops and an office. Shops on the Ground Level ensure continued business opportunities to the locals.

The dwelling above units above diversify residential typology in the neighbourhood. Alterations to the exteriors were kept to a minimum, retaining the existing rick brick walls.

The addition of an enclosed staircase adjacent the existing carpark was inspired by existing building form and materials in the area. Balconies were introduced to First Floor dwellings to form part of Planning requirements for Private Open Space for the residents and to add more visual connections along the street.

Balaka Place is currently being Tendered. Stay tuned for more updates.