Queensland Density and Diversity Done Well

Queensland needs to expand its range of housing options to meet contemporary community, urban and future environmental challenges.The purpose of the Density and Diversity Done Well competition was to explore what might be called “the missing middle” and to propose new housing options for Queensland that meet contemporary community, urban and environmental challenges and provoke thought as to possible solutions to these challenges.

Many Queenslanders have grown up and raised families in standard three-bedroom houses on suburban blocks. More recently, high-rise apartment style living has become more available, particularly in areas close to public transport.

The ‘missing middle’ is a term used to describe dwellings between high-rise, high-density living and free standing, suburban family homes. It is a range of liveable solutions that Queensland has traditionally been reluctant to explore, let alone widely implement.

The challenge

The challenge was simple: be a good neighbour and create a good neighbourhood.

Each designer:

  • started with a typical neighbourhood block containing 20 dwellings that housed around 60 people in total (three occupants per house on average)
  • could choose to retain, raise, move or demolish the existing dwelling or dwellings, and determine building setbacks, parking and open space requirements
  • was encouraged to ‘break the rules’ and think outside the box.

Our solution

  • Combine different modules to create diverse living condition
  • Increase density of neighbourhood
  • Create pockets of private open spaces
  • 2 Communal gardens and playground
  • Scissoring architectural form