Martin Luther Homes – Doongalla


Martin Luther Homes Doongalla refurbishment was completed in early 2016.

John Henry Architects refurbished the old administrative building at Martin Luther Homes into an 8 bed aged care facility, 3 of which are specialised bariatric rooms.

The refurbishment also included transforming the old dining room into a luxury cafe. Four large roof panels between the rafters were taken out and replaced with clear panels, allowing natural light to come through, brightening up the space. Suspended vertical florescence lights hang from the roof, creating an interesting visual effect and contrast between the light and space.

This building is to act as the new entrance into the aged care facility at Martin Luther Homes. It needed to create an inviting feeling. The addition of a new concierge area creates a high end hotel lobby appearance. This refurbishment re-imagines what an aged care facility can look like.