Cemintel 9 Dots Competition

In July 2015 John Henry Architects competed in the Cemintel 9 Dots competition.

The approach to the design of this inner city housing development integrates key concepts:
• Sustainability
• Affordability
• Community and social engagement
This new approach creates a synergy not only with surrounding communities, but also with the residing residents, hence allowing better integration, both internally and externally.
A generous open spaced housing development, comprising three dwellings has been designed. These dwellings are positioned and designed to integrate with the surrounding residents, and have been developed to cater for various space requirements. The dwellings comprise 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units, with open areas to promote community engagement.
Sustainability concepts have been a specific focus in the design. These include:
• Incorporating a roof top garden bridge to “link” dwellings and residents; also to control west sun.
• These Roof top gardens can be utilised by residents to promote social interaction through communal gardening.
• Maximising natural sunlight from the North, as the dwellings have been designed with the maximum width to land ratio.
• Separating open areas with green hedging to allow greater airflow throughout the various levels, whilst providing privacy.
• Incorporating solar panels on roof top
• Rain Water collection tanks positioned at rear of dwellings
• Community spaces area located at the rear of the dwellings
• Bronze glass panels are used to control sunlight during summer, whilst providing natural light throughout the year.
• Grid pattern design provides a cost effective and ultra-modern appearance utilising the modular products of CEMINTEL.