Boroondara City Council – Interactive Hubs + Office Refurbishment

The entrance hall into Boroondara City Council building is a vast empty space which was lacking any connection to the local community. The council had the innovative idea to give back to the people through interactive media pods, education lounges and informal meeting/ breakout lounges to move the council forward into the digital generation.  These spaces will encourage the community to come and use the council offices and interact more with their local council.

The idea for the media pods came from simple geometry which can be shifted and moved around to connect to each other or to stand alone. Spaces in-between the pods create areas for informal breakout zone. Each singular hexagonal pod is on wheels, allowing them to move freely when needed, to change the configuration of the layout, depending on what event is taking place. The plan is open allowing for easy circulation around the entrance hall.

The office refurbishment became a micro scale of the pod idea, using furniture that can easily be shifted around to constantly create changing spaces within a small area.