Diamond Creek – Third Iteration

The Third iteration is a response to council’s comment on the 2nd iteration proposal. Every dwelling is separated from one another with large amounts of private open space for landscaping. Diamond Creek consists of many canopy trees and the proposal ensures at least 1 canopy tree for every 200m2 can be achieved.

The main material is brick to match the direct neighbours either side of the site. This will ensure continuity between the neighbourhood. The street in which the site is on consists of half the houses being of weather board and half of brick. The design incorporates an aspect of the weatherboard in the vertical timber cladding on the 3rd unit, to give it a sense of individuality and soften the site to the rear.

The plan continues to step down the site, respecting the slope of the site. There is a centralised driveway running through the site, to give the appearance of the same set backs in the neighbourhood between the dwellings. The driveway will be concealed by the proposed landscaping on site.

The roof profiles have changed to fit in with direct neighbours. This does take away from the site having some sense of individuality in terms of shape, however through fa├žade treatment it is still achieved and will ensure the design incorporates all neighbourhood characteristics.