Research House (Completed)

The Research House is John Henry’s very own house. Situated in Research, a leafy Melbourne neighbourhood known for its green belts and tree-lined streets.
The original design was quite elaborate, an expansive tensile structure, which spanned much of the site. However this was simply too expensive. Instead an off the shelf shed, would act as the skeleton of the design, the walls of which were customised.
Inspiration for the design was drawn from architects such as Paul Rudolph and Robin Boyd. John has a passion for the powerful connections between light and space and the dynamic relationship between intersecting floor levels. In response a series of platforms were created to seem to float above the natural ground in the shed, breaking opening exposing the natural terrain below as well as native shrubs and trees. There are very few walls and five open ‘rooms’ are demarcated by changes in levels. A lot of the interior is exposed, creating a strong connection between all interior spaces and the outdoors. The southern facade is glazed, opening the inside to the bush beyond and elements from the external landscape have been incorporated inside the design, through the use of boulders, a pond and the vast vegetation.
The Research House has won many awards and has featured in several publications.