South Morang Cafe

In late 2014 the client for this cafe/kiosk approached John Henry Architects to design a space that was comfortable to work in, while having a relative small footprint to achieve a cost effective build and a larger seating area for customers.

At first stage this cafe was an all black, sleek, modern design that would withstand the age of time, however centre management of the new South Morang shopping complex, need it to have some colour and texture.

The end design maintains the same principles as the first concept, using slender gloss white subway tiles along the bench facade, contrasting against the original sleek black granite top. The black and white design creates a nice eye catching cafe out the front of Woolworths.

The cafe has been orientated to attract people coming out of Woolworths, with the display cabinet full of scrumptious food tempting them to come and try. The cash register is set up to greet people entering the shopping centre, while right beside it is the sandwich bar where you can watch your fresh sandwich being made.

The overall aim is to give a cosy cafe feel within a large stark shopping centre environment.