Samarinda Aged Services – 2012

This aged care facility is proposing to expand. The expansion programme includes the doubling of the aged care beds with an integrated health care facility. The integrated services facility will incorporate respite facilities, primary care, Ashburton support services and Inner Eastern Health Services. The objective of the integrated services is to provide a unique facility of excellence for the Ashburton community.

New buildings are located in the vacant areas of the site and integrated with the existing facilities. The additional bedrooms and new facilities are elevated to minimize disruption + operation of the existing facilities. Additional outdoor space is then provided at the lower level roof top to new buildings located in the existing vacant spaces on the site.

These elevated bedrooms are supported on a bridge structure with large columns that sit lightly on the site between the existing wings. This allows the existing building to breathe underneath in an uncongested environment.

The design achieves an eight star energy rating with on site water retention and recycling, solar collection and energy efficient construction.