Wyndham Vale Super Clinic

The outskirts of Wyndham Vale is slowly shifting from farmland to an urban community.

ISIS Wyndham Vale Primary Care is an Iconic building/Landmark for this new and upcoming community. The design consists of local health services that go further than just providing a local GP.

The building includes everything from medical, pharmaceutical practices to a dental clinic, educational facilities to counselling services.


The building is precast white concrete in off-form finish that is complemented by the coloured glass solar shading façade panels. Concrete and glass can be seen as diametrically opposite materials, one being transparent, the other monumental. But when they come together, there’s a certain magic.
The design is an amalgamation of simple geometrical forms that define the use of the facility. Four large octagons form the accommodation wings, connected by a central rectangle. The entry façades are defined by two circular towers, one of coloured glass and one of off-form concrete. A red entry canopy further defines the entry while visually adjusting the massive building to the user’s scale. The building has a mixture of layers.


From a distance, the building appears more as a sculpture than a clinic.