John Henry Architects is an award-winning architectural design practice with experience and commitment to exceeding client expectations.

'I work closely with my clients using practical experience to realise their vision. This can be for a home or a multi-million dollar investment', says John Henry.

'The most exciting part about architecture is working with the clients on the design process and seeing the clients, their friends and the community's excitement when their projects are built.'

John Henry has wide experience in Australia and the UK having designed award- winning houses to large-scale health care facilities and plays a very hands-on role in the design stage of any project.

'I do all the design work of the practice and personally work with my architectural team during the other stages. This ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness of each project.'

John Henry believes the key to successful relationships lies in mutual respect and shared values.

'You know I did some work for a large automotive parts manufacturer early in the early 80s. The design was pretty groundbreaking for its time. We have kept in touch over the years and I have just completed a major expansion to the factory and office accommodation complex. I care about my clients and the projects we complete together. It's great to be part of their success.'

We encourage you to spend a moment looking at some examples of our work and we hope this introduction to John Henry Architects engages you enough to prompt you to pick up the phone or drop us an email. We build relationships - why not start one with us today?